Monday, January 18, 2016

Beautiful Setting......Beautiful Decor'


Such elegance in an outdoor setting......this was my first thought when my daughter sent me this adorable picture on her birthday! Of course, I was drawn to her happy face, which is gorgeous, but knowing my love for all things French, I immediately noticed that great French Louis XV carved Bergere behind her. In Paris, a piece similar might have been a bit more detailed and would have been called a Duchesse A Bateau in the 1700's. More and more of us are adding a French piece to a room or here, used in an outdoor setting, to create a mood of elegance and a touch of French culture! 

To appreciate old French furniture it is important that we take the time to learn a little about the historical backgrounds of how these pieces were created and then used in French homes. Some obviously were purchased by visitors and sent abroad.  The skilled men who were craftsmen, designers, and wood carvers often learned these skills of the 
trade from their fathers, grandfathers or other close relatives. Visiting craftsmen from other countries throughout Europe could have gained skill through apprentices and journeymen for their training. The creative genius of the French artists has dominated the influences we still treasure today in these beautiful 
places. Trust me, once you catch the love of all things French, then you will desire to visit, then you desire to listen to the French speak and ultimately learn the language. It's all so so beautiful! 

One of my favorite places that I have  stayed in Paris is a quaint hotel decorated beautifully with French antiques in the lobby and dining areas and also the sleeping rooms. It's not over done in anyway. A guest might sense you are a guest in a quaint French home even though you are in the Marais in Paris! 

This is the quaint hotel  my husband and I stayed in once. Every detail was French! 

Travelers today expect to receive what they pay for. More and more boutique hotels are opening and incorporating beautiful furnishings. Another great place is the Palihouse Hotel in Santa Monica. It has French and British influences in the entire hotel. This makes travel so fun and memorable! 

In these cool winter months, I am dreaming and planning another trip to learn, to explore, and experience all this life has to offer! After all, the beauty of the journey is the one you love and get to travel with......always! 

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