Monday, February 1, 2016

Healthy Skin

Healthy skin is not just a gift, it is acquired when it is nourished and taken care of by a woman or a man. Beautiful skin glows and is directly related to diet and of course....exercise.  Many women glow into their eighties and nineties without any "sculpting". I cannot imagine putting anything into my face. Not, to say, I haven't wondered how it would appear!!!  A few years ago, I noticed the skin of a young 20 something hair stylist as she was cutting my hair. What I noticed was that her skin had begin to improve and look smoother with each visit. I told her so! She immediately told me of a French lady she was being helped with for her skin. She shared the name and number with me and I called the skin professional. [of course I loved she was French] Meeting her changed my approach to skin care on my face.  She told me it was all about water, staying away from sugar, and making sure I removed my make up at night. She also recommended a cleansing system called Obagi. I have used it now for 4-5 years but her greatest advice to me was drinking more water. 

French women care about their skin, they treat themselves to facials and even though wine is associated with the essence of a French woman.....she can sip on a glass for hours while drinking lots of water in between.  French women smell divine too with the perfumes they are famous for using. They lavish it on or so it seems. They smell divine. That is a luxury I adore....perfume! It is a part of the feminine nature to want to smell good. 

Over the past few days, I have tried to drink more water, eat smaller meals and stay away from white flour and white vegetables....carbs.  I do see an improvement in even a short time in my skin. I also added Kiehl's midnight oil for bedtime and an oil for the day. In the winter months, with drier air, this is very helpful and a new discovery for my routine. It is a balanced oil that even a person with a oiler skin can use. I highly recommend it! 

The greatest factors I see in the French women, is their joy and their enjoyment of life and friendships! They have a style, individually, all their own.  Suzanne Kasler, the gorgeous and celebrated interior designer says....."It is all about style!" And I take that a step farther to say in our way of dressing and caring for ourselves as we age. It doesn't matter if you are 25 or 62 or 40 or 72 your skin tells "your story."  I would also add a good skin care routine and a healthy diet and strive for the optimistic outlook on life.  In these days of uncertainty, those are three things we, as women can control! Have a beautiful day and take care of yourself! 

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  1. I loved this post for so many reasons! That quote from Audry is one of my favorites. And you are so right about the French women. When I traveled there I immediately noticed that they were so confident, yet unadorned (except for the scarves of course) with makeup and flashy jewelry. I have tried to focus on that ever since we came's all about attitude ;) and I couldn't agree more about drinking water (green tea is amazing too)!