Monday, October 19, 2015

My French Style

Our gathering room is where we LIVE! All these pieces are from my previous home.
I added color in the ottoman. One of my daughters has the same one and I had admired it. I looked at others but continued to like the relaxed style and it's a beautiful soft velvet! It gave me just the look I wanted! 
 This is my "FRENCH"'s filled with furnishings I have found along the way, plus a collection of books and postcards, and linens from my travels in France.
Our kitchen is a DREAM! It's modern, crisp, and perfect for entertaining our family and friends. 

Decorating our homes is a bit like fashion. Some things are classic and will always be a part of the way one dresses.  Our homes have classic pieces of furniture we may like, but we freshen it with current colors, etc. Then, there is STYLE and style is a way of's what sets you a part by the way you approach all of life. It's all about style for me. I like a comfortable, yet live-able style. It's just easy and relaxed. [no stiff looks for me] so....... Finally, our new home is finding the French, yet relaxed style I was hoping for. I wanted the house to have a classic style but incorporate our love for all things French! 

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