Monday, November 2, 2015

The View from The Porch


In a simple and comfortable setting, we have created a spot on our porch where the views and the comfort are perfect!  For a long time, we have enjoyed antique wicker furniture, but when we built our new home, we decided to go with something new and modern! We spent a little time looking and pricing pieces and decided on these oversized chairs and a sofa which can actually be separated for dinner parties! I found fabrics that brought in just the right colors, while keeping the look crisp and clean. 

On this particular morning, we have a dense fog which has appeared! My coastal look really has come to life! The sea and the sky seemed to have met even though we are miles now from the sea. 

Acquiring a French look might come in the summer by perhaps adding an umbrella with stripes! I have actually spent a little time on the French coast in Nice, France. Once, after a wonderful trip to Paris and then on to Avignon by train, my daughter and I rented a car and We drove through several villages in Provence and afterwards we headed south to Nice! [of course this was over several days] My favorite memory of that particular trip could possibly be the striped umbrellas and the warmth of the sun as we laid on the rocks soaking the beauty and everything in!!!  What a fun memory with my sweet girl! 

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