Sunday, September 20, 2015

A French Inspired Home

 My inspirational trips abroad to France have given me a desire to live in a home with a classic  French elegance.  One of my favorite designers and experts on French antiques is Josephine Ryan. I think her approach to decorating is refreshing because she's not looking for perfection in a new expensive piece of furniture.  She is looking for treasures that pull together the perfect French look.  A French inspired home or better yet, a true French home (found in France) will still be French without a stick of furniture in it!  It's the stone walls perhaps, the wooden beams, the wood or stone flooring, and of course the windows and shutters.  So, in deciding what to ask our builder to include in our selections, we tried as much as possible to develop a French look. The furnishings we already have, I believe will pull the look together we are hoping to achieve.  I hope to create inspiring vignettes where our family and guest will feel at home and most of all.....just relax. We are about a week away from completion.  This week we will see the installation of the appliances, waxing the wood floors, and the addition of the plumbing fixtures and mirrors in the bathrooms and the powder bath. It has been such a fun process and I am so looking forward to sharing pictures of our home fully furnished!  Stay tuned........ 

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