Monday, October 6, 2014

Effortless Elegance.....a French Touch

On my first visit to France, I was inspired by a hotel my daughter and I noticed while is Avignon.  It was behind a walled terrace so I knew it was going to be fabulous!  We were not disappointed!  We walked in politely and asked for seating on the terrace during lunch. They were most gracious and seated us.  As we passed through the dining room, I was inspired by the seemingly effortless elegance of the table settings.  I could just imagine a country French manor with fabrics, finishes,and furniture  from travel destinations all over France! In my memory, it could look similar to the pretty table I created above using a mixture of things from my own travels and family pieces. The simple vases of flowers were picked fresh from my garden this morning. I am thinking this is the way they do things in France! Vegetables and fruits from the garden, and fresh flowers from one of the many gardens around the home. Seeing your own vision come to life is what makes entertaining  so wonderful!  The French have a way of fashioning a cozy home that happily presents faded grandeur in a fabulous way! It seems nothing is thrown away but saved and valued for another day! You too can mix the old with the new.....just remember to keep it simple! The mirror in the photo, which is new, is used above the sideboard, which is an 19th century piece.  Mirrors were used in the past to make spaces look bigger. I love 
using mirrors for the same reason.  Balancing a respect for the past gives a beautiful quality to our lives today! Everyday is a beautiful gift!  When your friends arrive they might even say...."Vous avez trop fait pour moi."  [You've gone to much trouble!]. But, secretly you will be certain you loved every minute of the preparation!  That, my friend is the French way....generous! 

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