Friday, October 3, 2014

A French Vignette

Consider the brocantes in France, imagine their most fascinating and lovely treasures arranged in beautiful vignettes! Each one worthy of something magical about to happen!  I found a beautiful French Limoges at a local estate sale, which would be similar to a French brocante, and looking at it, took me back to one of my favorite French films.....Coco Before Chanel.  It has to be one of my 

favorites for the beauty of the film sets, the French countryside, and of course Paris!  The elegance in every scene is captivating!  If you haven't seen it, you must!  The entire film is set in France and it is the beautiful and lovely true story of Coco Chanel before her rise to fame as a designer and her amazing Chanel empire. She worked and dreamed for her life to be better. She was orphaned and lived in a convent with nuns who taught her to sew. Her life was changed 
forever there by learning this one skill! Can you imagine?  Her dreams were big and of course, the film adds love scenes to make it even more beautiful,  but much of it is fact.  The beauty of breakfast on a porch in one of the scenes must be my favorite!  The white table linens, the elegant silver settings, the silver coffee urn, and then the adoration of Arthur Chapel, BOY, as he was called pouring her a cup of coffee....well, you just must see it! So, with pleasure, I created a similar vignette for a French look above! If you are interested in collecting your own Limoges....just turn over the saucer or place when you shop.  It will be marked, France or Limoges!  Have fun this weekend wherever your dreams take you! 

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