Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The French Pharmacie.....magnifique!

 The French Pharmacie has a very distinct look....the green cross.

My most favorite product found at the French Pharmacie!
A beautifully inspired French decor bath.....

French women know how to dress.  Their clothing looks like it was made for them to wear....if you know what I mean!  They just look good!  Fashion and Paris go hand in hand and we all have seen the films that make us wish we had been born with those gorgeous French legs! It has to be all the walking with 
little food! Skin care items along with perfume are a French woman's best friend or so it seems!  My daughter introduced me to the French Pharmacie on my first visit to France.  These stores are in a class of their own, as you would expect.  They are small, they are well staffed for personal service, and they carry the BEST of skin care products, perfumes, and of course other Pharmacie items you would expect. In France for the French woman,  it is all about the skin care and protection and care of this most delicate part of the body.   The product I found which is now, a mainstay for me, is Embryolisse.  I purchased it in Paris but it is also available on Amazon. [do not tell the French Pharmacie]:) Women in France smell divine and their perfumes and their beautiful dressing areas and bathrooms are meant for taking their time.....who doesn't loooove a long soak in the tub?  I have four beautiful daughters and a gorgeous daughter in law who love their bath soaks and the atmosphere of this special time of day to help them restore. The French women focus on their skin rather than tons of makeup. They look much more natural and healthy. Facials are a part of their regular skin care routine. Water, water, water is the greatest resource for beautiful skin! Drink lots of water to hydrate. French women have their crafe of water on their table.  In the last photograph, I created in my own home a little French retreat at just the right spot with a few skin care products, bath salts, and candles......Je Voudrions encore [I would like more] time in France!  Au revoir until tomorrow! 

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