Monday, September 29, 2014

Velvet Bedding and lavender sachets....

Photo Credit:  Bella Notte
Velvet Bedding has a rich and long history!  In European countries throughout time, the bedding had to be functional due to the age of the homes which were built before modern day insulation. Wool and Velvets were excellent fabrics to add warmth to the night sleeping! Today a company, Bella Notte, offers luxurious and beautiful fabrics for a modern day and a beautiful look for the bedroom!
Photo Credit: Bella Notte
The fabrics are all rich and exquisite!  The colors are varied and on the right bed, in the right setting, a beautiful French look could definitely be achieved!  Our bedrooms should be places of rest and comfort!  The adorable bedroom below was at The Mandeville Hotel on my first trip to London! The colors, the thread count, the pillows were all wonderful! 

When purchasing your linens whether antique bed sheets or new ones from a department store there are great ways to wash and care for them besides using 
harsh chemicals.  Actually, harsh chemicals aren't good for your linens or for you!  Using a mild detergent is always best if available.  Hand wash fragile items in warm water with a gentle soap.  Baking soda and cold water removes many stains.  Sprinkling salt on wet stains also helps.  Never use bleach on your linens. You can hang your lovely things to dry in the sun like our grandmothers used to do or stretch them directly on the grass...yes, this is an option!  Let nature do the whitening for you! When dried, store with lavender sachets tucked in.  Your bed linens will smell amazing and maybe, just maybe, you will DREAM of being in a Lavender field in southern France!  

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  1. Wonderful ideas! I can't wait to make some lavender sachets and tuck them away in my sheets! Thanks for the inspiration, Penelope!