Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Beauty of Seashells


The beauty of a French home is that it is always evolving. A Sunday stroll through a brocante' can bring a change to an entire room with the purchase of one small "find". Have you walked into a home that was completely done? The rooms are completely decorated.....finished. They have a beauty for certain but for me personally, I could never live in a house like that. I am always changing things, even if it's just a picture in a frame 
or a new candle that changes the entire ambiance and mood of the room. I like a relaxed look. The French seem to like the more worn and tattered look.  

I also love natural colors and perhaps this is why I am drawn to the sea and the shells and creatures which can be found digging their way back into the sand once they've been exposed and washed ashore. All this tumbling about can give them their shape and their color. Some are smooth and perfect and others are broken and tattered. Each offers their beauty and when mixed together in a display.....well it is simply stunning. Shades of 
neutrals and imperfections blended make such beauty. A beautiful patina that comes with age has it's advantages both in seashells and furniture and maybe in our lives as people. It's okay to have a few marks of imperfection. Real beauty comes from those rare scars that are uniquely our own. We take the tosses and the tumbles and turn them into growth.....everything can become beautiful in time. I hope your journey [tumbles and all] are making you into a beautiful creation that ultimately brings glory to the Creator!  Have a blessed Sunday!!!! 

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