Friday, June 24, 2016

Table Manners.....inspired by the French

In France, it is proper etiquette to say, Bonjour when entering a boutique or shop and to say Au revoir when you leave.  Yes, manners are chic always in France. Manners make a difference.  Etiquette is much more than a set of rules, it is polite behavior in society. It is about connecting with others in a positive and polite way! This is SO true at meal time. Good manners are remembered long after the guests have gone.

It's never too early or too late to begin to develop manners.
The French sit long at the table so perhaps, because of this, the rituals of meal time are learned early in life. They enjoy their meal in several courses and are not rushed. The English are similar in this way, which I personally love.  Conversation is cherished especially over dinner! Many happy moments for me, even though I am not French, have been shared with my family around the table discussing what is happening in life! It's polite to listen as much as we talk....always.  I found so much joy in cooking for my family and teaching my children how to "set" the table with napkins, plates, stem ware and silver. So many fun and happy moments of their childhoods!  I see now, these moments we shared when they were young passed on today when I visit in their homes. 

My own French TABLE is a treasure. Once again, found at a flea market for a bargain price.  The table is nice.......but the moments of welcoming others "around the table" into my home is the best part. The enjoyment and the fellowship and encouragement I can offer are the best gifts of any day! I hope your life is filled with generosity of heart and of spirit.....after all, it is the French way!  You don't have to live in a chateau to serve up good manners at the table! I hope your home is always a haven of peace and love!  

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