Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Inspired by love.....that is what Christmas means to most of us! We surround our homes and cities with beauty at the most wonderful time of the year!  It is the peak season for loving, sharing, giving, and receiving all that is within our souls! I just love Christmas! 

Comfort and Joy are about to fill UP the season! The beauty of Christmas comes alive in hearts and homes this time of year! It seems even the coldest heart begins to soften as we enter the season of giving and especially of receiving God's greatest gift......Jesus Christ! This year, as we enter the festivities it has been fun to find new places to decorate in our home. I love to bring the decorations out a little at a time and on the day we decorate the tree....well let's just say......the child in all of us comes out! We decorate really simply compared to a lot of people.  This year, we placed fresh green wreaths and silver 
bows on the front door and the windows facing the street. At night, we have a spotlight that illuminates the house! Most people have lights lining their houses but I love the 
simple old fashioned look. Inside,  we have a couple of nativities I have had for many years and love to think of all the miracles God ordained to bring our Savior to the earth to redeem us to Himself! Such a glorious miracle! I also love white flowers so my home is 
filled with white poinsettia's and white amaryllis and white narcissus bulbs I have forced 
to bloom the month of December. Traditions are a big part of life in every family and I hope you are enjoying laying foundations that will be around in your family long after you are gone! This year, I am thankful to celebrate the joy of Christmas with my family, my friends, and others who I meet! We will miss our beautiful mothers this year but I know they are celebrating in Heaven. JOYEUX NOEL my friends!  May God grant you peace, 
love, and joy in this glorious season of Christmas!       

There is something beautiful about setting the Christmas table with vintage glasses, plates, silver and linens. Everything used in each plate setting was given to me by my mother in law or my grandmother. They were talented and generous women!
The  Christmas Tree sets the mood for our homes! Where do you place yours! We have an open living area so we are thrilled to gaze upon our tree at every angle.
In our French Room, which is devoted entirely to France, I kept the decor very simple and hung only a wreath and some festive candles for ambiance! Such a peaceful room.
Once I visited a home where the hostess had lined her stairway with candles. It was a picture I have always kept in my mind.  At the time, my children were small so I couldn't imagine lighting the stairway with luminaries but now.......it is a custom I am enjoying! The way the light glistens on the walls in breathtaking! I love this!


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