Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Belle Maison

The French have shared their beautiful French style with us for a while.....they do this effortlessly! They give us a privileged look in their quaint boutique hotels when we travel in France,  also inside their private homes and private museums and of course the opening of those enormous French doors.  Sometimes we are also privileged to sneak a look when they open those doors and we see them walk into a beautiful courtyard or a place they call home.

 This ambiance is the beauty of a French inspired home. All these factors began to fill our thoughts when we began the process of building our new home......this has been part of the plan, achieving a French look.   Although our scale is not grand, it is spacious and open and just the perfect size for us. I believe we are achieving the French look we have hoped for, at least inside. The exterior is "in process" and the color we had hoped for....sort of a sand color is being achieved.  For generations in French homes, the kitchen has been where most families live, cook, and gather ....ours will be also, with a modern twist in cabinet style and appliances.  Like the French, we enjoy cooking and just being together talking and relaxing after a long day.   Home is sort of like a chapel for us. All major life decisions are made within the walls of our home. In the photos below, you will see a few of the works of the talented craftsmen building our new home. We are so thrilled and in awe of their talented skills.  Each person takes the time to create and complete their work beautifully. We are so grateful for each one. 

The kitchen is generous in everyway! We love the cabinets we selected.  They will be painted Sherwin Williams Dover white. The open floor plan into the living area will be wonderful for our family celebrations! The beams are in process  (two are up and the others are ready to be attached this week) and the island is almost complete.  The painter created a grey/natural tint for the stain of the island, beams and fireplace surround.  The color should be pretty against the dark oak floors.

In the photo below, a glimpse of the fireplace surround (nearing completion) can be seen. It is cedar and stone. The same stone is also used on a portion of the exterior. We chose to go with a gas fireplace inside and a real wood buring fireplace outdoors. 

The stairway is oak. They will be painted on the back splash and stained on the actual steps to match the rest of the wood flooring. A wood and wrought iron railing will be installed when the stairs are finished.

This book case is in our "French Room". The plans called for a closet, but we decided instead to build a bookcase in the space.  We have a small library of books about France and our travels. This room will be where the girls will love to gather...... I am almost positive.

As you can see, our home is unique and a style I hope will be all our own. This summer has been different for us, but each day we find gratitude with thankful hearts! When all is said and done and we are settling in.....let's just say "it might not be France" but it is the closest thing we can create (stateside) in a home found in a tiny picturesque village in the south of France. Certainly, it will be home to us. "Notre proper belle maison"

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