Monday, July 27, 2015

French Inspirations in Our New Home.....

Bonjour! Summer is flying by and it has been one that we have been without a "home" intact as we are building a new home (petit at this stage of life) which we hope to see finished by summer's end!  It's sort of surreal now that we picked everything out, in one setting, with our builder.  He and his wife have a showroom where we selected most things. For years, Steve and I had been waiting to build a home (we did this two times before) so my ideas were fresh when the process began. The appliances we selected at a different venue. Now that things are beginning to come together I love it all!  I just cannot wait to see the finishing touches all completed. I am using a grey, pale grey, and white color pallet on the interior and the exterior will be brick and stone with a grey stain accent on the front door and shutters! Garage doors are installed but the colors are also going to be in the grey scheme....I hope! It's going to be gorgeous!

Soon, we'll be sitting with this pretty girl, enjoying a rose' on the patio!

My love for France influences everything about my life now! (my husband has to listen to this...patient man) I have always loved the "old" feel of fabrics, lives, houses, and gardens, the chipping of paints or the patina on something that has a history makes it feel charming. My family has an artisy side, all of us, and especially our children, bringing their colorful lives and their talents into our choices when determining what we will place in our home. We (my husband and I) do love Paris....but when one of my journeys took me to the south of France in the Provence region, I felt at home, even though I was actuallly far from home. Walking the streets, seeing the quaint shops, ancient streets with curves, homes with the faded doors, walls with a history, art, music and furnishings......everything was intriguing to me. Those moments have never left my thoughts each day as I live my life in the French inspired way, accepting and grateful.  I love simplicity and comfort for others who live with me or visit in my home. Serving others is how I am hopeful of living out my days!  Our home will have many modern touches but I want the "old" to be everywhere and of course....welcoming! Open hearts breed love!
This isn't a great picture but I fell in love with this for my "French" room so it has been selected!  This will be a room that envelopes our love for all things French! All the windows in our home are long in length and so my imagination is running wild for the window treatments.  I am hoping to start making them soon.....still processing my designs, once again keeping them simple, not formal.  Most of our soft furnishings are light which brings in another love....the ocean and white sea shells which give clarity in thought and mind and spirit!  
These French chairs were my "second" purchase when I began on my journey of France.  I had looked at them over and over again before making a bargain with the antique shop owner.  I purchased them for "cheap" and researched the fabric before having them reupholstered. They are probably one of my most favorite purchases.  The fabric is a toile du jouy and the quality was worth the wait. They have a white background but there are touches of grey.....perfect for the color of the room, respose gray by Sherwin Williams. Research always pays off and waiting.....yes waiting!  Isn't that a lesson in life?  We must wait on God's perfect timing! Years ago, I may have needed a bigger house, but now petit is fine with me! May our homes always inspire others to feel loved and blessed whether they come or whether they go! passe une bonne journee'


  1. I enjoyed the update and I already knew most of the content. I can hardly wait to move into our new French home. You have always provided me and our family a well decorated, beautiful home.
    Your French Husband