Tuesday, December 2, 2014

I'm Dreaming of a White French Christmas!

The Christmas season is all about family for us!  It always has been a close and special time for my husband and our children and their families.  We share many traditions and one of the most special is trimming the tree and bringing in the fresh greenery and flowers to place throughout our home! Trimming the tree is the most fun with little ones as they hang their ornaments just at their eye level.  I love this when the tree is finished because you can see the height of each child! It is almost like a fairy comes in and waves her wand when the glow of lights and whites come alive!  Just magical!!!

In the villages around France, the Christmas markets will be filled with gifts for everyone.  The booths filled with fresh flowers and garlands, trees, and fresh 
fruits would be a dream come true for eager shoppers!  I love the smell of fresh greenery and flowers throughout our home!  This year I added a simple touch of  oranges, fresh cloves, pine, and a brown velvet ribbon!

 The beauty of the season is beginning to unfold! Our hearts are being warmed and opening to the needs around our own family and community.  Families and friends and even the strangers we meet become a little sweeter or so it seems during this blessed and wonderful season!  Joyeux Noel' my friends!  May we always look forward to Christmas! 

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