Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas is Here!

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is preparing for the guest that will come into my home! Growing up in a small southern town, most of the people I knew, I had known most of my life.  Back then, a small town survived with shops in town and local grocery stores and drug stores.  Today I would equate this to a small French village that has everything 
within walking distance all over the village.  It is wonderful to me that these still exist 
and the people who live in the villages are quite joyous and happy! What a beautiful life they have!  Shoppers might travel to a larger city for the holiday markets where they may purchase cheeses, meats, fresh flowers and other gift items during the holiday and Christmas season. Oh yes, I could survive easily this way! This is a simple and timeless way to live and a part of my love for all things French!  This year, I have truly lived by my word that I would keep Christmas simple.  My wreath in the Dining Room is a simple wreath hung over a gilded mirror with a jeweled ribbon I found at the local nursery.  
Preparing a bedroom for a guest is another joy for me during the holidays! I think about what I enjoy in a bedroom and try to include those things as I prepare for my family or for special friends who visit!  My list includes fresh crisp sheets, comfortable bed covers and a good light beside the bed 
and a desk with a comfortable chair. I also include fresh water, toiletries, and books for inspiration and interest. I add an extra blanket at the foot of the bed.  I love my guest to be cozy! When I have visited and stayed in hotels in France, I have tried to stay in places where the decor' includes antiques and exquisite linens! Comfort is essential! Oh.....and fresh flowers, the room must smell of a lovely fragrance! This is always in our rooms in the quant hotels in France! The French seem to think of everything! 
I hope your Christmas Holiday is filled with JOY and BLESSING from above! 

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