Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Simplicity of French Inspired Window Treatments

There are many things I love about France, but the elegance of even their simple window treatments create an ambiance that makes my heart sing!  In April of 2012, I was thrilled to stay at a quaint hotel I read about in a magazine!  I had saved the magazine for years and by chance, as I was reading once again
my heart skipped a beat as I found the hotel website.  So of course, I inquired,
checked our dates in Paris, and was fortunate to book a beautiful room there.  Everything about the hotel was lovely! The parlor, the breakfast room, and the location was perfect! The furnishings were all antiques and the window treatments in the hotel were simple panels made from beautiful french fabric and lined to hang perfectly.  The first picture above is the actual room we stayed in.  The last picture is the room my husband and I stayed in on another visit.  I find simplicity so comforting in a French room.  Paris is so visually stimulating so it is nice to find a serene room to relax in during your stay in Paris or any French town for that matter!

In Paris, two years ago my husband and I visited the beautiful private Jacquemart-Andre' Museum on Boulevard Haussmann in Paris! It is the unique vision of of a Parisian couple who appreciated fine things but most of all art!  The entire home is filled with exquisite art and furnishings and is open for all to see. I highly recommend it.  I visited again this past April with friends and snapped the photo above.  Even though the home is elegant, this simple window treatment and beautiful bench off the vestibule makes a striking statement about what is found all over the home......pieces of a couple who enjoyed beautiful French life! Again, notice the lovely fabric and the simple hangings. 

For several years now I have been making window treatments for a select few people.  I enjoy sewing with certain fabrics more than others and prefer beautiful silk fabrics.  I made these last fall for my sister and when she sold her 
historic home, she gave these back to me and they now hang in my dining room. The silk fabric hangs so easily even though sunlight can damage silk.  I found this interesting statement about silk......" It is thought that the first silk fabrics date back to Shang Dynasty China (1500-1050 BC), and for many centuries the Chinese closely guarded the secrets of it’s production, aware that it’s great beauty, strength, warmth and readiness to take dye set it a cut above other fabrics. Made from the larvae of silk worms."  
On a short walk one afternoon in Paris, I snapped this photo of a balcony which seemed perfect! The masculine statue, the shutters, and the closed window hangings all made for an interesting thought about how wonderful it would be to live in Paris in a French home....yes, it would be a fabulous dream come true!  Until then, I will be keeping you posted here on French Velvet Interiors! Have a beautiful day my friends! 

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