Monday, November 24, 2014

Thanksgiving in My French inspired Home

Thanksgiving is a totally American holiday!  Even though I love writing about all I have learned in my travels to France, first and foremost, I am grateful for my American heritage! Since our country's earliest beginnings, families have gathered during harvest time to give thanks to God for His blessings. Today, 
Thanksgiving is celebrated the fourth Thursday in November. I was thinking earlier today about being a mother AND about all the preparations that go into making Thanksgiving day so special for the family and sometimes, friends. The turkey, the dressing, the sweet potatoes, the green beans, corn pudding, cranberry relish, homemade rolls and of course the pies! It's all about the traditional feast and getting together with loved ones!  Traditions are good for children.  They are a part of what bonds us as families and long after parents and grandparents are 
gone, these traditions are remembered and treasured. I treasure the ones we 
have built with our children and their families.  I hope your holidays are special!  
Do you have special traditions?  Does your table setting always look the same? This year, I decided to change up my table decor just a bit and I am planning throughout the holidays to use more natural decorations from my yard or the places I shop for greenery and flowers! I want to keep things simple.  This is what I adore about the a French people, their lives seem to be simple, shopping in their villages or in their local markets.  When dining they seem to stay long at the table and they are relaxed and they cherish one another and the conversations and family.  Mothering children is such a JOY! I still enjoy mothering my grown children and the six beautiful grandchildren we have.  Mothering is learned, I know this to be true! If you are or if you know someone who is a good mother, most likely they had a good role model either in their own Mom or they were mentored by a woman who took her role as a mother so seriously that she had 
enough love to share and taught others this valuable profession!  Thanksgiving is also about providence.  God's Hand in the providence of giving us what we need each day.  A simple and yet timeless tradition of giving thanks for God's providence is enough for me, as a Mother, to set my table elegantly and serve those I love with Thanksgiving in my heart! 

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