Thursday, October 30, 2014

Parisian Tea Behind a French door......

Hidden behind the beautiful doors found all around France, there is usually something surprising when one of the doors open!  Perhaps an inviting hideaway is waiting.  In my own home, I have created an inviting secret green space with
 a fountain and an antique statue with a trickle of constant water making just 
the right atmosphere for a cup of tea.   In Paris, in the ninth arrondissement you
 can walk down a quiet alleyway and enter the garden of the Musee de la Vie Romantique.  Arriving, you will find a little tearoom filled with fragrant roses, old fashioned hydrangeas and a beautiful maple tree.  In the corner, there is a little green house which houses the tree room called, The Dans le Jardin.  Parisians enjoy their tea, maybe not in the way the British do, but their teas are filled with aromas. It is sort a protected place and perhaps that is what makes tea time so's a protected time where you hold your cup and think and relax and find joy in the simple pleasures that the day may bring.  I like this about the French people...enjoying sitting and thinking and letting go! Come for tea and sweets and I will treat you in the most beautiful setting imagined and 
yes, in the French style and ways......
The tea, Harney & Sons, Paris, can be found at Williams-Sonoma or specialty markets! The correct way to brew tea is to heat the pot with boiling water until warm to touch. Discard that water and use one sachet for two cups of tea.  Pour boiling water over tea and steep 5 minutes.  I use a little sugar and a little cream for my perfect cup of French tea! Simply beautiful and the effects are amazing! 

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