Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A French Inspired Kitchen

In the latest issue of Elle Decor there is an informative article on kitchens and how they have changed and evolved into the heart of the home.  With those changes, comes the latest technology in applicances.  Today, you might find a man or a woman in the kitchen or perhaps both, enjoying the moments!  Julia Child's along with her famously French cooking lessons would be amazed at the French chefs or the culinary expertise going on in the kitchens of today! The Barefoot Contessa also has given us a sneak peek into cooking in "The Barefoot Contessa in Paris"! All of my children enjoy cooking and actually it is a part of their family heritage.  My late father in law, who was born in Europe in the early 1900's, loved to share the kitchen and his JOY of preparing and serving his Italian Meatballs!  These are still a favorite for my entire family.  My husband has passed this great love of the joy of cooking and serving from the kitchen to our children.  Although we are not French by heritage, we all enjoy the gift of sitting long at the table and enjoying not only the food but the fellowship of being together as found in the beautiful and colorful French life.  Each of my daughter's love France and are gifted at the attention to detail in their kitchens and preparations!  

The French inspired kitchens above are designed by interior designer Susanne Kasler and are not only beautiful but functional....everything is perfectly arranged! 
One of our daughters recently moved to a new home and her new kitchen is perfect!  Everything she needs is just steps away and she has given much of her home a fabulous French look with her decor!  She inspires me and others with her desire to shop for natural ingredients and organic fruits and vegetables in her meal preparations for her family! Her choice of the farm table and chairs add just the right touch and create the beautiful ambiance found in French homes! Relaxed, happy, and memorable moments! 
In London last Spring, I snapped this photo in Selfridges and found everything one could possibly need to furnish a modern kitchen or dining room!  The farm table seems to be the most popular new addition!  The French seem to always 
be ahead whether in fashion for the woman or fashion for the home!  What could be more beautiful than a woman preparing a meal for those she loves?  "Let thy food, be thy medicine!"  
May your day be full of beauty and inspired by those who love the simple ways of the French! 

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