Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wicker and A French Toile

 Today I am thinking how lovely the outdoor settings can be with a influence of France!  The simplicity of this setting includes a chaise lounge I found at an antique store which had seen a better day! I find restoring something sort of a thrill so I enlisted my husband with paint, while I searched for the perfect brushed cotton fabric and immediately went to work recovering the cushion which was still in good condition. The French toile accent pillows give both pieces a quick finishing touch. I love using French inspired toile du jouy. 
The wicker rocker we purchased a couple of years again at the bargain price of $50!  When you find something you know will work in a French inspired home do not be afraid to buy it and work on it later, even if it needs a few repairs.  The French have a passion about life and being outdoors in a beautiful setting is a big part of this wonderful life!  Below, I have finished the sitting for fresco! Stay tuned for more elegant and simple French ideas! Tomorrow it will be all about linens! 

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