Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Morning in France.....or at home....

In France, one of the luxurious moments arrives when a visitor realizes that croissant's are an everyday morning staple for most!  Steaming hot coffee, perhaps some fresh yogurt, seasonal fruit, and even a boiled egg in a egg cup make one realize that perhaps Heaven is near!  In France, it is also all about the walking to arrive where you are planning to be for the day.  The cars are everywhere but it's the walking that keep the French going and fit!  A good breakfast is essential!  

I thought the photo above would be a great way to start my new blog which will be all about France with perhaps a little of England thrown in from time to time. A little over four years ago, I visited France for the first time and have returned now two more times.  Each time, I have traveled with different family members or friends and next Spring I have plans to go again with just my husband.  He loves France almost as much as me! One of the places we visited two years ago was The Jacquemart-Andre' Museum in Paris on Boulevard Hassmann.  It is the private home of a husband and wife who were avid art collectors.  Their entire life was devoted to their passion of Art. Their names were Edouard Andre' and Nelie Jacquemart.  They had no children and when they died, they left their estate as a private museum.  We were amazed at their collection and the beautiful setting and furnishings found throughout their home.  What a generous and thoughtful gesture they gave to Paris, to France and all who visit from around the world.  This past spring, I visited with four of my girlfriends and my daughter who were my travel companions.

One of the rooms I enjoyed was seeing Nelie's bedroom.  She decorated it in the Louis XVI atmosphere.  One of the items she enjoyed collecting were small tables and she loved surrounding her room with them in a tasteful fashion.  I can just imagine her enjoying her breakfast on one of these small tables before the beginning of a busy day!

Beginning our day quietly and in a serene sitting can set the tone for our entire day.  Bring joy to your day by arising early enough to have a few minutes to focus on what is truly important.  The French have many secrets that make their lives beautiful as they capture the best times of day to work, relax, and dine! Join me on my new blog as we look at France in a new way.....perhaps even now you can imagine a morning in Paris or even Provence!  

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