Tuesday, August 9, 2016

A French Candelabra

I love wandering around a French brocante', a flea market or an antique shop searching for interesting things. I am always hoping I will find something unique that someone else may have overlooked! This happened to me on the day I found the beautiful French candelabra in the picture above. I wasn't really looking for anything in particular when I spotted it shoved back on a shelf. I saw the beauty of the marble base, the gorgeous curves in the upper portion and the price was good.  To date, it is one of my favorite French finds! I am drawn to pieces that show their age. I connect with the time worn objects. Why? I couldn't say. Perhaps it is the appeal of age and of history and thinking someone else treasured it as I will now....... that it is in my keeping! I don't collect a lot of the same things. I like one simple item for a beautiful backdrop! 

Beautifully aged antiques and beautifully aged people have an appeal and a uniqueness to them.  Often, with time, they become more beautiful, not only for their outward appearance, but the strength their beautiful life has given them.....both objects and people.  In France, shop owners look for old worn pieces with patina. This is part of the french decor' as nothing is ever past being used again and again.  So, for today, I will place new candles in my candelabra and mix them with fresh roses of the same hue and be happy that all can be beautiful in life! Everyday is a gift! May we use it wisely and graciously! 

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