Thursday, March 31, 2016

Perfect French

In my French Room in my home, I have a little painting one of my dear daughters gave to me that says, "She dreams in perfect French!" It is true because to create something beautiful, one first has to dream! Dreamers are interesting people, to me, because the constant thought of beauty usually accompanies the dreams! Of course, the thoughtful dreamer has to put action into his or her dream. 

I am always dreaming about another trip to France, to visit regions I have not explored or to learn more of the language and culture of the country now so a part of who I am.  Humble beginnings seem to do that to people......they gravitate toward always wanting to make life a little better.....but in a good way and to give back. Giving back is filled with blessings whether it be to family, friends or even strangers in need, but giving back is filled with dreams for a better world. My desire is to learn something new everyday I live and then act upon it....fulfill the dream so to speak.  To be open to learning not only from books I enjoy reading but from places I visit and the people of different cultures that I have been blessed to meet in my journey of life. 

This brings me to the French people. The French are so interesting to me! They speak so lovely and so fast for their words have more syllables. The French love their social time. They love their wine and seem to sit for hours in lovely French cafe chairs! The French never throw out a worn chair or a chipped dish, it is loved all the more for its patina and character.  The markets and brocantes are filled with treasures like time worn linens, paintings, furniture, silver, crystal, and unique finds to a particular region of France.  I have stored away a beautiful French hand sewn bonnet for a future grand baby! 

Any dream in decorating has to begin with pieces we are drawn to, older pieces with 
character maybe some interesting history.  I found the two chairs below in the back of a 
junk shop stacked up, with worn out silk fabric. I could just imagine the conversations 
that took place in those chairs. I went back three times before I bought them and 
searched for the perfect fabric and the perfect upholster.  He did an excellent job, he was slow but a perfectionist.  [i have learned the hard way that not all upholsters are 
created equal]. The room takes me to France, time and time again......I always wanted 
just the right natural light in the room and shutters are good for this. They can be 
completely  opened or completely closed or just a tilt and light beams in. 

Books inspire me! It is so pleasurable to read about the French culture, about the language, the food, and the warmth of the love the French have for family.  They seem to have achieved the great balance in life and the meaningful moments of time with those they love. My hope is that you have achieved or are working toward that balance in life where your dreams are coming true! For me personally, I have to laugh because I am a constant work in progress....the dreaming vs. reality but it cost nothing to dream and to hope, yes to always HOPE!  May we always hope to make a difference in the lives of others placed along our journey! So.....YES,  "she dreams in perfect French".......everyday! 

Pouvez -vous etre benis avec une belle journee!
[May you be blessed with a beautiful day]

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