Friday, February 13, 2015

The French Brocante

It was my good fortune on my very first trip to Provence, in southern France, to walk upon a real French brocante in the village of Chateau Neuf du Pape. I remember being awe struck and it seemed like I could have found anything I could have hoped for.  The furniture, the monogrammed linen bed sheets, monogrammed tablecloths, the glassware 
and so much more!  I was traveling light at the time [only a suitcase], and one of my most memorable items I purchased was for 10 euros. The purchase was a beautiful antique french hand sewn baby bonnet.  It is now tucked away for the daughter who was with me on the trip.  It will be a gift for her one day when she becomes a mother.  These moments are what makes France so beautiful! It is the unexpected beauty of what a traveler will see and experience. You will fall in love with the people and the villages which you just sort of "happen"'s like a fairy tale!

What is it about the French Brocante that entices the shopper?  Many are held on a Sunday. In France, Sunday is a day of real leisure and shoppers are not rushed.  If you are planning a trip to France [trust will go again and again] I would suggest Paris for a few days, then take a train to the south of France, perhaps Avignon, and then rent a car and drive to a few of the small villages and towns. It was easy to drive in France, having made my reservation for a car prior to my arrival. This is the best way to see France, outside of Paris, and understand and see the beautiful way the French live. They enjoy life and it seems the locals are always unrushed. On a Sunday, you will find a brocante! Take a suitcase that has plenty of room for your beautiful finds! 

One day soon, I hope to be brave enough to bring back some beautiful furnishings like I found in the shop above in the states. The love for French antiques is continually evolving in my mind! French antiques and the French way if life is something I enjoy sharing with others.  "If you can't get something out of your head, maybe you are supposed to be there". YES! This will always be my thoughts about beautiful France! 

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