Thursday, September 25, 2014

The French and Their Coffee....

Most people think the French are passionate about their wine! This is very true but they are almost as passionate, it seems to me, about their coffee!  A French Press has new meaning after you've experienced coffee made with one.  It is much stronger and full of rich flavor.  The French also like their small shots of Expresso.  Many professionals take their morning shot standing at a counter, rather than taking the time to sit. It's like a French ritual to watch them in their morning routine.  I learned to ask for an Americano coffee, which is still strong but not as much! So where do you go in Paris for this coffee experience?  I recommend Cafe De Flore, which is an amazing Parisan experience all on it's on!  It is famously written about in literature and was a famous hangout in the earlier part of the 20th century by famous writers who had gathered in Paris, just to write! If you've seen the film, Midnight in Paris, many of the writers in the film made this a favorite place to have coffee and pass the time.  Yes, pass the sure to sit and pass the time. It's part of the wonderful experience the French are known for.....people watching.

Upon arriving at Cafe De Flore, a waiter will seat you, [it is worth the wait] once seated he will quickly place a circular placemat on your table before your order is taken!  This is to protect the tables which probably have been there forever! The placemats have significant details about the famous sights of Paris! They are a beautiful map of the city! The coffee is served in a small craft and the guest may pour it at their leisure. Below is a picture of how mine was presented! So enjoyable! A waiter never rushes you, so do not rush your waiter.....he will get to you as soon as possible.  They are busy and attentive.
Most hotels have a breakfast room.  Our's was lovely and furnished in antiques.
After coffee and are ready for Paris!
Now, my first recommendation if you've never been to Paris would be to find the most famous and longest running boat tour company, the Bateaux Mouches, and  see Paris from the Seine.....I promise you will enjoy the views and see the beautiful city!  Afterwards, you'll be ready for walking! Yes, walking is the very best way to see Paris! 
I snapped this picture from our boat and it's one of my favorites! will be my joy to share "How to Make a French Velvet Accent Pillow....just in time for fall!" Have a beautiful day!

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